In this video, I show you how to manage your auto-save settings in Microsoft Word 2016. This functionality is going to be similar for most recent versions of Word.

Auto-save or auto-recovery are important to ensure your work gets automatically saved in the event Word crashes or stops working and you did not recently save the document yourself. When you re-open the document, Word will present you with your most recent save and Word’s auto-recovered save.

By default, this setting is set to auto-save every 10 minutes, but I prefer to decrease this to 2-3 minutes to ensure my work is being saved more frequently.

In simple text:

  • From an open Word document, click on File > Options
  • Click on Save from the Word Options window
  • Under the Save Documents settings, locate “Save AutoRecover information every” and set your desired auto-save time
  • Click on OK to save

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