In this video, I show you how to turn your text in a Word document into columns. There’s a variety of column options – choose to apply the columns to the whole document or just a selection of the document. You can also section off the columns from the rest of the document by adding lines above and below the columns.

Column formatting can be found on the Layout tab in the Page Setup section in Word. There are additional column features that I did not discuss in this video, such as left or right, so be sure to check those out to see how they look on your document.

Some other items covered in this video:
How to insert random text into a document – just type “=rand(5,6)” OR “=lorem(5,6)” then press enter. Rand will generate random English sentences and lorem will generate random lorem ipsum sentences. The first number is the count of paragraphs and the second number is the count of sentences in each paragraph, so any numbers can be entered.

To add a line, simply hold down shift while pressing the underscore button. This button is typically found next to the 0 key and has a long line on the top with a shorter line (minus sign) on the bottom.

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