In this video, I show you two ways to generate random numbers in Excel, whether you want numbers between 0 and 1 or a range of your selecting.

Please note these are volatile Excel functions, meaning they will automatically recalculate every time Excel recalculates, so you will see the numbers change as you manipulate data in the cells. If you want to keep these numbers as is, you can copy and choose paste values to paste only the content and not the formula.

Option 1 – Numbers between 0 and 1
Insert the function =RAND() into a cell to generate a random number. You can also use the function button and select the RAND function. You can easily drag this formula down a column or copy and paste it wherever you’d like.

Option 2 – Numbers within a range you select
Insert the function =RANDBETWEEN(50,250), replacing 50 and 250 with the minimum and maximum numbers you want generated.

That’s it!